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Gwendolyn has had an eclectic career spanning several decades as an actress/performance artist/concert dance soloist in the US and abroad, onstage, as well as in television and film. In the world of advertorial, she has appeared in numerous national and international commercial print campaigns.

She has also enjoyed working with a mic, voicing characters in a 6-part WBAI series “The Alien Drifter” as well as session film-dubbing with the Totally Looped Group.


From a young age, she also modeled designer collections for an international roster, and was a fit model/key consultant for Capezio Dancerwear for many years. She was among the original group of “Great Performances”, a women-only artists catering company, formed in response to the male dominated industry at that time.

Ever the entrepreneur, she continually expanded her expression through her own creative projects: during the 80's, she developed her own personal training program for what became a prominent clientele; during the 90’s she created a successful design business, both in US and in Italy.


She produced a short documentary film “A Fistful of Feathers: A Modern Ostrich Tale” and has had a hand in the creative/casting/production aspects of numerous projects, ranging from organizational aspects of fashion shows & locations for shoots, to table reads for backers of plays & feature films; she’s extremely proud when her keen casting eye secures a successful assignment from among the selected artists she represents. 


Gwendolyn is a certified kundalini yoga instructor and personally coaches in applying principles of a holistic healthy lifestyle. As a visual artist she creates unique ostrich egg art pieces. 


Currently, she is involved with on-going, long-term projects close to her heart.


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